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Trading & Logistic Services


Machining and Fabrication

Our stocks contain most of the standard customer requirements. But sometimes it is observed that apart from these standard requirements some machining and fabrication services are required. Some of the services under this section we can provide are Cutting, Beveling, Threading, Welding, OD/ID Turning and Boring, Bending, etc

Coating and Cladding

We can supply piping materials with different coating materials like Hot Dip Galvanizing, FBE, 3LPE, Cement lining and metal cladding

Warehouse facility

Our logistics team is well equipped with consolidating material, arranging suitable packaging and delivering on time to our esteemed customers.

Materials with special grades and sizes

Though our stocks contain the standard grades and sizes, customers may have requirements for large sizes, large pressure values and special materials. Our staff is well experienced in sourcing, procuring and supplying these special materials.


Technology of filter elements design

We adopt advanced Korea technology and set up our professional team leaded by Korean technical engineer, who is the export in filter elements field, which keeps our products in a lead role in the filter element industry.

Material for filter elements

Metal fiber filter is made of non-woven fibers which are laminated and sintered together(generally SUS316L). The medium has excellent durability, corrosion and abrasion. metal fiber is a kind of deep filtering. which enjoys the advantage of excellent filtering effects, low filtering resistance, high dirt holding capability etc.

Filtering meshes with different properties are sintered into metal plate which is mainly for the filtering under high temperature and pressure, metal meshes in different wire diameter and porosity are ordered in certain sequence and sintered together in vacuum under high temperature and then processed by means of special jointing technology. layers of filtering web remain close and connective in service. so it does not need to replace the filter elements frequently in the fluid and gas field.

Applications of flter elements

Our filter element is mostly applied in polymer and gas industries with high temperature and pressure.
The super excellent filtering capability proves effective in improving product quality, extending life of equipment and saving product cost.